ROK Films

About the Company

ROK Films is the new millennium , cutting-edge complete production company that delivers lifelong memorable stories, awe-inspiring captions, breathtaking visual imagery, and profoundly dramatic experiences which will appeal to all senses across all cultural lines in the various aspects of home entertainment, big screen motion pictures, network & cable television, digital communications, recreational enjoyment and consumer-based products internationally. 

Nelson Datu Anderson has had a life-long connection to Hollywood beginning at an early age. Starting as an actor, he’s done work in a number of stage plays, television shows and films, including action star in the Philippines, where he performed his own stunts. Since forming ROK Films with his partner, Pilbuen Aranas, his primary ambition has shifted to directing, writing and producing. He has written and collaborated with Pilbuen. He produced and directed a number of short films and documentaries; “Whisper of the Ancestors” was showcased at the 2011 L.A. Asian Film Festival and his latest (UGAT:  Filipino Roots, History of the Philippines).  Over the years, Nelson has accumulated a depth of knowledge about the inner workings of the television and film industry, as well as establishing relationships and contacts with a who’s who of entertainment A-Listers.

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Pilbuen Aranas has written a number of plays and screenplays covering a broad range of subjects from the L.A. art world to WW2 Chinese-Canadian commandos and Mayan murder mysteries. A self-taught scribe, his driving ambition is to expand the boundaries of mainstream entertainment by bringing to it greater cultural diversity, social consciousness and progressive thinking. The market seems to agree with such notions as evidenced by the graphic novel “Persepolis,” a story about a young girl’s experience during the Iranian Revolution. In 2007, this best seller was adapted into an Oscar nominated animation feature. In 2009 Pilbuen’s play “Idle Worship” was performed at America’s preeminent experimental theater, La Mama ETC, where it received high praise from Obie Award winning playwright, Leslie Lee.  As co-founder of ROK Films, he also plays a key role in the strategic thinking and planning of the company, as well as in the administrative and marketing duties.